Reductin Cellulite. An innovative cellulite product

the first product of its kind
to effectively
eliminate cellulite.

cellulite, a four-point issue

Visible efficiency from the first





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For genetic and hormonal reasons, women in particular (90% of women) are predisposed to water retention. water retention takes place at local level under the dermis causing poor lymphatic drainage and poor local circulation causing an influx of water in the subcutaneous adipocytes.


This influx of water in the fat cells causes oxidation of the cells and causes a swelling in the cells which in turn causes waves in the skin.


CEllular oxidation has the secondary effect of inflammation in the same adipose cells. this inflammation causes a breakdown in the dermis leading to sponginess and orange peel effect.


cellulite that has been present for some time even through inflammation causes increasingly evident breakdown of the skin as well as fibrosis of the skin.

we appreciate that the phenomenon of cellulite is primarily an aesthetic problem but one which has a cause deep within the tissues.

The solution cannot come from an aesthetic quick fix (cream etc.), instead it is necessary to address the deep root of the problem:


Decreasing local water retention but more specifically its consequences:


  • Oxidation
  • Inflammation
  • Fibrosis


From this perspective, solutions must be derived from technological innovation to create an innovative solution dealing with the issue comprehensively.


dyna+ laboratories have developed various patented components that make it possible to deal with the root cause of this issue.


Reductin cellulite, a real innovation

in the treatment of cellulite.

Reductin Cellulite is the first product of its kind to eliminate the causes of cellulite at every level (water retention, oxidation, inflammation, fibrosis, breakdown of the dermis).

Reductin cellulite, a four-point solution

Increases lymphatic drainage




the dermis


In order to reduce the primary cause, reductin cellulite contains agents which help to increase lymphatic drainage.


Reductin cellulite contains sod (superoiyde dismutases), a unique and patented product that makes it possible to avoid adipose cell oxidation, thereby preventing the formation of sponginess.


Two natural patented anti-inflammatory components in the form of phytosomes make it possible to contain local inflammation of the adipocytes and limit inflammation of the dermis.


Reductin cellulite, after gaining control of oxidation and inflammation (the cause of cellulite), also contains a component that allows for the rapid restructuring of the dermis so as to return suppleness and elasticity to the skin (epidermis) and restore a healthy appearance


per day

over 12 year

To be taken orally

Reductin cellulite - effective against cellulite

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Reductin® CELLULITE  contient une formulation brevetée.


Conseil d’utilisation :

2 à 4 comprimés/jour, en 2 prises.


Mode d’emploi :

Voie orale. Tenir hors de portée des enfants.
Ne pas dépasser la dose journalière indiquée sans avis médical. Ne se substitue pas à une alimentation variée et équilibrée, et à un mode de vie sain.

*Contient de la caféine, déconseillé aux enfants et aux femmes enceintes (24 mg/portion journalièr



       L’efficacité maximale est atteinte après 2 à 3 mois :


  • Prendre 2 x 2 comprimés matin et soir pendant 10 jours
  • Prendre 2 x 1 comprimé matin et soir pendant environ 2 mois ( selon résultats)
  • Phase de maintien, pour maintenir la cellulite sous contrôle, prise de 1 comprimé/ jour (matin ou soir).



Reductin cellulite is not a slimming product and does not lead to any significant weight loss. if you would like to add a slimming solution to your anti-cellulite treatment, try Reductin slimming.

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Reductin Cellulite is a patented product.


The patent covers the innovation of the active ingredients used to firstly facilitate the treatment of oxidation and inflammation in the adipocytes which in turn makes it possible to completely resolve the appearance of symptoms caused by cellulite. reductin is made from active ingredients which bring together cutting edge technologies affording a clinically remarkable result.



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